Enkei RPF1

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Enkei RPF1 is a classic split 6 spoke design with a long list of racing accomplishments. They come in numerous sizes to fit most vehicles, their flat face options tend to have some caliper clearance issues with Brembos. This can easily be fixed with a quality Penguin Garage spacer and ARP wheel studs.

There are two main faces for the RPF1 convex and flat. For 17", 18", and 19" the convex is found on the 8.5" and narrower options and the flat face is found on the 9" and wider.

If there are any questions on which wheel is right for your needs or what modifications are needed to make it work don't hesitate to send us an email. We are happy to help you figure out an RPF1 that fits your needs.

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Additional Info

Brembo Clearance Info

17x8 +45mm -- Clears Brembos

17x8.5 +40mm -- Clears Brembos

17x9 +45mm -- 18mm Spacer to clear Brembos

17x9 +35mm -- 8mm Spacer to clear Brembos

17x9.5 +38mm -- 5mm Spacer to clear Brembos

17x10 +38mm -- Clears Brembos

18x9.5 +38mm -- 8mm Spacer to clear Brembos

18x10 +38mm -- 5mm Spacer to clear Brembos

18x10.5 +15mm -- Clears Brembos