Apex Pro

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Digital driving coach and vehicle dynamic data logger.

Apex Pro utilizes vehicle dynamics data the ApexPro is able to tell the driver how much grip remains at any given time.

The Apex Pro is simple to setup using their iOS or Android app. The free app allows for custom track design (AutoX or Hill Climbs) and post session analysis. Apple Store Apex Pro

Next Apex Order deadline 8/28 3pm CST!

Apex Units ordered before deadline will be delivered to Solo Nationals or shipped on Friday 8/31.

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Additional Info

APEX Pro is fundamentally an artificial intelligence vehicle simulation algorithm, providing real-time feedback to the driver. Over the course of a track session, APEX learns the performance limits of your vehicle and models its optimal performance at every point on the track. To make the model easy to interpret, APEX displays your current performance as a fraction of your potential performance.

APEX uses inertial (IMU) measurements and GPS to model your driving ability, your car, and the track you are on in real time.  As APEX learns, it will predict your theoretical performance instantaneously. To make the complex model easy to interpret, we reduce it to a single score that is shown on APEX as a red bar extending from left to right. Because different situations require different levels of driving effort, the peak changes as you encounter different situations; for instance, most vehicles can brake harder than accelerate so the displayed peak is higher for braking. 

APEX not only gives you real-time feedback on where you are losing time; it also lets you review each lap later, to evaluate both your lap times and APEX Score. 

There is also a neat tool called "Crew View", which allows your crew (or fans) to get live updates on your lap-times while you are on the track. If your driver pal has an APEX unit, you can track their times and performance as well.

Learn more about the ApexPro at Apex Track Coach and message us with any questions.