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TiC Super Sexy Suspension Kit


Included in the TiC Super Sexy Suspension Kit

  • TiC rear trailing arm bushing - Race

  • TiC forward trailing arm bushing - Race

  • TiC Lateral Link Bushings - Race

This bushing set replaces all of the bushings in the rear suspension of the GD and GC Impreza (including WRX and WRX STI) with a high quality race stiffness urethane bushing.

Upgrading these bushings is one of the biggest suspension upgrades that can be done. With a high quality split bushing it’s possible to assemble these bushings without the need of a press.

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Additional Info

Here's what makes these so damn sexy:

  • Shore 95A medical grade urethane

  • Graphite impregnated to ease maintenance

  • Split design for ease of install


  • Impreza - 2007 and earlier

  • Forester - 2008 and earlier

  • Legacy - 1999 and earlier