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Penguin Garage Subaru Wheel Spacers

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Penguin Garage dual drilled Subaru wheel spacers. 

The spacers are dual drilled for 5x100 and 5x114.3, the hub bore matches all Subaru models at 56.1mm and the wheel bore is 73mm or 72.6mm. The 73mm wheel bore matches many popular aftermarket wheels, the 72.6 matches the NT03+M. These were specifically made to help the Enkei RPF1 and NT03+M clear STI Brembo calipers.

Sold in pairs.

5mm 56.1-73 - Needed for Brembo clearance on RPF1 for 17x9.5 +38mm and 18x10 +38mm

8mm 56.2-72.8 - Needed fro Brembo clearance on RPF1 for 18x9.5 +38mm

10mm 56.1-72.6 - Needed for Brembo clearance on NT03+M for 18x9.5 +40mm 

10mm 56.1-72.8 - Is a custom size requested for people wanting a slightly looser fitting spacer in their 73mm wheel bore wheels. This specific set was requested for customer with Enkei RPF1s but will also be used on a set of Volk Racing ZE40s or any wheel with a 73mm hub bore.

 15mm 56.1-72.8 - Custom size for anyone with a Subaru and a wheel with 73mm hub bore looking for a 15mm spacer.

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