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GetADomTune Cylinder 4 Cooling Fix

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Industry first DOHC EJ Cylinder 4 Combustion Chamber Cooling kit increases coolant flow in the LH head to improve reliability by reducing detonation causing hot spots, reducing EGT delta and improving overall cooling system performance. 

The updated V3 of the Coolant Fix comes in two variations. One works for all Turbo DOHC EJ equipped Subaru models (except 2010+ LGT), the second works for the LGT 2010+.

Please select the correct kit.

Most DOHC Turbo EJ applies to: GC, GD, GG, GR, GV, VA (w/ EJ), SG, SH, LGT (05-09)

LGT 2010 + applies to: LGT 2010 and newer with the DOHC Turbo EJ.
Each kit contains:

  • 1x Coolant pipe assembled with a Stainless Pinch clamps, Custom machined and anodized 6061 fitting. 

  • 1x Stainless T Fitting

  • 3x 316SS or 304SS embossed worm clamps (subject to market availability)

  • 2010+ LGT version includes additional fitting and necessary clamps

  • 1x Instruction Sheet

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